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Executive Coaching

“The essence of Executive Coaching is helping leaders work through their dilemmas so they can transform their learning directly into results for the organization.” (Mary Beth O’Neill)  Studies have shown that Executive Coaching provides tremendous Return on Investment for both individuals and organizations.  Executive Coaching isn’t just for Executives!  Leaders at all levels have found it to be a tremendously powerful and relevant tool.  Check out this informative video that explains the process and power of coaching and let Fortifico coach you to new heights.

Leadership Development

You’ve been entrusted with a leadership role.  The euphoria and the congratulations were great.   But now you’re struggling.  Things that seemed so simple before you took on this responsibility now seem insurmountable.  You’re starting to wonder if you are really cut out for this.  Yes you are.  Leadership isn’t some mysterious thing that only a select few are born with, it’s an art and a skill that can be mastered with help and practice.  Some people may seem to have a “natural talent” for leadership, but even Sydney Crosby needed coaches and trainers on his journey to becoming a star hockey player.  Let Fortifico help you in your quest to be a Championship Leader.

Team Learning

Teams.  Sometimes they are awesome and sometimes they can be just awful.  Effective teams don’t just happen.  They are the product of the hard work necessary to creating a deep shared understanding and a relentless commitment to learning together.  Fortifico can help you and your team on that journey.

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