Emotional Intelligence

What exactly is “Emotional Intelligence”?  There are several definitions out there.  I prefer this one: “Emotional Intelligence is the combination of insights and skills which enable us to work effectively in the presence of strong emotions, both ours and others”.  Unlike “IQ”, which peaks in early adulthood and remains largely static thereafter, “EQ” is made up of learned skills, skills that we can enhance throughout our lives.  Have you ever wondered why people with the highest IQs aren’t always the most successful?  That’s the question that sparked the research that led to our understanding of “EQ”.

Why does EQ matter?  Studies have repeatedly shown that a high “EQ” is essential to achieving your full potential as a leader.  As a leader advances to more senior roles, leadership success becomes more and more dependent upon one’s ability to establish and manage relationships.  Most organizations are characterized by high levels of stress and a lot of competitive behaviour – not the best soil in which to grow positive, healthy relationships.  A leader with high “EQ” will be better equipped to succeed in this challenging environment.

What is “EQ-i2.0“?  The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i2.0) is one of the world’s leading assessment tools for assessing emotional and social intelligence.  It is an excellent way to understand how you operate emotionally, your areas of strength and potential areas for development.

What does Fortifico offer?  Fortifico is certified to administer the EQ-i2.0 suite of assessments including:

  • EQ-i2.0  Workplace Assessment – oriented towards understanding your “EQ” within the workplace.
  • EQ-i2.0  Leadership Assessment – oriented towards understanding your “EQ” and how it impacts your leadership.
  • EQ-i2.0  Group Assessment – an incredibly powerful tool that helps teams to understand how to work more effectively in emotionally charged situations (not that those ever happen).
  • EQ 360  Workplace Assessment –  get confidential, anonymous feedback from your peers, leaders, even friends and family to discover how your “EQ” is perceived in different contexts.
  • EQ 360   Leadership Assessment – get confidential, anonymous feedback from your supervisors, peers, direct reports.  Learn how your “EQ” is influencing your perceived leadership ability.

How is it done?  The data for all EQ-i2.0 Assessments are collected by a questionnaire offered through a secure online portal which takes about 30 minutes to complete.  A similar method is used for the EQ360 process, however for these assessments responses will be aggregated and made anonymous to protect the confidentiality of all involved.  A few days after you complete your questionnaire Fortifico will contact you to provide you with your detailed written report as well as a confidential debriefing.  The debriefing will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your “EQ” as well as some ideas for enhancing it.