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Leadership.  It’s not simple.

Effective leadership can be powerful, energizing and life-giving.

Ineffective leadership is bad for everyone.  It’s the kryptonite of organizations and the bane of workers.   Unfortunately, it’s so commonplace that Scott Adams  (of “Dilbert” fame) has been able to make a fortune lampooning it.

Fortifico  is founded on the premise that leaders really do want to be effective.  They want to take their organizations to new heights.  They want to be a positive, energizing force in the lives of their teams.  The problem is that many leaders are handed their responsibilities without being given the skills that they need to be successful.  Our mission is to equip those leaders with the tools, the skills and the competencies that they need for success.  Good leadership … it can make your world a better place

I’m James Greengrass, the Principal of Fortifico Leadership Support Services. I bring to Fortifico many years of experience in organizational leadership both as a senior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and as an Executive Manager in the Alberta Public Service.

My mission as a professional coach is to equip leaders for success. Like you, I have seen and experienced the positive power of good leadership and the pain and frustration produced by ineffective leadership. I focus on helping leaders to successfully apply the principles of leadership and management theory in the gritty, complex realities of their own workplace. I have a particular interest in helping technical specialists to successfully transition into confident, capable and compassionate organizational leaders at any level.

Learning and growth can be daunting activities, so my coaching is built around creating a relationship in which you feel safe enough to be uncomfortable. I coach the person, not the problem, drawing your attention to assumptions, beliefs and patterns of thinking that you may not be aware of and which may be contributing to the challenges that you are facing. I firmly believe in your innate ability to deal with the issues that you are confronting. I am your thinking partner in that journey with the aim of working myself out of a job.

I am a graduate of Cranfield University (M.Sc) and Royal Roads University (Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching). I am a member of the International Coach Federation and am credentialed by them as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). I am also a certified Mentor in the discipline of Active Engagement for Mindful Leadership.

Learn more at www.fortifico.ca. I look forward to exploring how I may be of service to you!

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