Coaching.  Want to know more about Coaching?  These brochures from the International Coach Federation are full of facts and testimonials.  Need CoachingWhy Coaching Works

Learning.  Ever wondered why kids seem to pick up things so easily while we adults struggle?  The answer may surprise you.  Ponder the insights of Chris Argyris, Harvard professor and one of the founders of the “Learning Organization” movement.  Teaching Smart People to Learn – Chris Argyris

SCARF.  David Rock has developed a marvelous tool for understanding how stress affects our brains and uses this to provide some effective tips and tricks that leaders can use to function effectively despite the challenges that stress brings.  SCARF-David Rock

Organizational Change.  This insightful article by David Rock and Jeffery Schwartz provides some good insights for leaders wrestling with the grizzly bear of organizational change.  Neuroscience of Leadership

Creating Safety.  As a Coach, my goal is to create a learning space where my clients feel safe enough to be uncomfortable.  Without that feeling of safety, real learning is very unlikely to happen.  Bonnie Badenoch’s article shares some fascinating insights about how to create that space.  A Symphony of Gifts From Relational Neuroscience

Leadership Team Effectiveness.  Vanessa Urch Druskat and Stephen B. Wolff share their findings on Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups.